Support North! Write a Check: Choose an Amount

Together, we sponsor MANY programs and activities for our students, parents, and staff.

This campaign is a donation where 100% of the money directly supports North students and teachers. This is in lieu of selling items or other large fundraising events throughout the year. This donation allows North PTA to sponsor programs and resources that enrich your child's education. 

Please consider helping us do this by making a donation today

  • For example, a donation of $15 contributes towards personal headphones for students

  • $25 allows PTA to sponsor school dance and pep rally activities

  • $50 supports teacher trainings & luncheons

  • $100 supports PTA website to assist in parent communication & much, much more!

If you are unable to donate to our "Write a Check Campaign," you can still join the North PTA. 

Any donation is greatly appreciated!

  • Donations can be given throughout the year.

  • Your donation is tax deductible.